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Implement procedures and a strong operating system that facilitates the day-to-day activities of staff and suppliers.

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Your Payments History At Hand

Receive, record and manage your payments.

Accept online payments. With your POS or integrations with our partners such as Stripe.

History of payments. Live stream list of payments with all data you need.

Many more features. Integrations with other apps will give you, and your customers, access to many more features!


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Discover new Wholesalers,
Order from your Favorites

Order what you need when you need it. 85% of businesses prefer online ordering, we know you will too!

Varied list of wholesaler categories including FMCG, beverages, hygiene, among others.

No longer forgotten. Do you order small volumes, less frequently? Be on “top of mind” of your wholesaler regardless.

Order from wholesalers digitally. No more manual order handling.

Minimize the risk of errors. No time spent answering questions or amending orders.

Save on admin time. Free up your staff’s time with digital ordering.

Never off track. Automatically updates your inventory on stock management.

Stock Management

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Goodbye, Inventory Gap

Take care of your customers not your pantry.

Synchronized data. Front and back of house communicated.

Less waste. Summary of value of stock and how much is at risk.

Better menu control. Use data to edit your menu, remove dishes or create dishes of the day.

Stock levels overview. Avoid overstocking or shortages.

Live stream. Staff aware of pending deliveries avoiding duplicated orders.

Automatic ordering. Coming soon: Set minimum inventory levels and automatic reordering.

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We would be happy to learn about your business and set up a free guided demo of Foodetective Business

We would be happy to learn about your business and set up a free guided demo of Foodetective Business

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