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A suite of convenient, digital and intelligent tools available for you to best manage your restaurant and stand out from the competition

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Notifications are great,
but actionable insights are better

Connect your systems and software on the Integrations Hub and centralize your data on the Analytics Dashboard to get insights on the performance of your business. Our Intelligence Feature helps you make informed decisions moving forward.

Get advice and clarifying information.

Adjust business strategies based on recommendations.

Keep suggestions in one place accessible for future reference.


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Your data no longer fragmented across systems

Your integrated applications will feed multiple reports and data into visuals, that will allow you to review significant amount of valuable data on a single dashboard.

Real-time analytics: receive, process, and display updated information. Insightful information, in a digestible way.

360* Vision. Recognize trends, refine processes, identify preferences, analyze traffic.

Customizable dashboard. Add or remove parameters. The dashboard remains 100% relevant to your business needs.

Goodbye manual entries and fragmented data from multiple software’s and systems.

Business Profile

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Manage your Digital Presence

The foundation of your digital presence is your business profile. Add your business information, photographs, menu, opening hours, delivery partners among other information.

New profile in 15 minutes. Simply fill in your business information. Create an account today.

Stand out. Highlight star dishes & products, awards, your biography, and short video content.

Accurate information. Automatically updates details on all platforms that are connected to presence management

Manage live info. Exceptions happen so you can easily showcase your live info” and let customers know.

Increased visibility. Users can contact you through their preferred channel listed on your Foodetective page.

Control staff access. Choose who can access and make changes to your profile.


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No Code Needed.
Simply Click and Connect

Centralizing all of the heavy tech and API architectures used by the industry requires time, expense, and a technical team; we simplify this through click and connect integrations.

Plug and play, connect or disconnect tools with ease.

No additional training, choose your everyday tools.

Discover tools, access information and new services.

App Manager

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Your chosen apps when and where you need them

Our app manager will allow you to visualize and use any of the apps you require daily and seamlessly switch between them.

No limits. Choose and use any of the apps you need across a variety of categories

Single log-in. Remembering credentials can be overwhelming. Log-in once.

Tool discovery. Discover apps that you may want to use for your business strategy.

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We would be happy to learn about your business and set up a free guided demo of Foodetective Business

We would be happy to learn about your business and set up a free guided demo of Foodetective Business

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